Every year, billions of unclaimed U.S. dollars (and other currencies) are left behind by qualified investors who lack the expertise or internal process to properly file claims or cure deficiencies in time. Many institutional investors do not have the resources and expertise to handle this labor-intensive and time-consuming work. DRRT can help.

DRRT’s Global Claims Filing service guarantees complete coverage of all securities class action settlements, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) disgorgement settlements, global collective settlement claims opportunities (such as Australian and Dutch settlements), as well as large global insolvency matters.

DRRT’s Global Claims Filing team has developed a proven track record for the collection, accounting/reporting, and disbursement of funds to institutional investors, obtaining over $1 billion in recovery payments so far from matters in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

Our clients welcome the opportunity to outsource this labor-intensive and time-consuming as well as risk-laden, non-core work to DRRT, allowing them to fulfill their fiduciary duties while allocating internal resources to core business areas. In many situations, fees paid for outsourcing non-core activities to third-party claims filing service providers such as DRRT can be passed on to the ultimate beneficiaries—mutual funds or investment accounts.

DRRT’s Global Claims Filing service includes:

Pro-Active Portfolio MonitoringSM (PPMSM)

Our automated PPMSM system identifies any potential matches between your investment portfolio and the affected securities for all relevant loss recovery opportunities worldwide, ensuring no cases and payment opportunities are missed. DRRT is able to work with clients on historical data downloads for all securities or on individual trade submission per case. We connect with custodians or back-office service providers to minimize client interaction and effort in the process.

Global Securities Class Action Settlement Claims Filing

After identifying one or more affected securities in your portfolio, we will review your investments fund-by-fund and transaction-by-transaction for each individual case in preparation of the filing. Our team of experienced claims filing experts and data analysts processes all transaction data in full compliance with the specific case and claims administrator requirements and files a timely and complete claim to obtain maximum recovery.

Insolvency Claims Filing

In addition to filing claims in global securities class action and SEC settlements, DRRT also offers claims filing in large insolvency cases. These cases are typically preselected by our team based on the assets of the company entering the insolvency process. Some of the cases successfully handled by DRRT in the U.S. and Europe include the Lehman Brothers insolvency (Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Lehman Brothers International (Europe)), the Madoff and Stanford insolvencies and related cases in the U.S. and Europe, as well as the Espirito Santo insolvency (mainly Espirito Santo Financial Group Luxembourg, S.A.).

Dutch Foundation Settlements

DRRT has developed special expertise in Dutch foundation actions and settlements under the Dutch collective settlement regime (WCAM or Wet collectieve afwikkeling van massaschades), including the setting up of foundations, preparing success-fee, no-risk concepts, and prosecuting pre-settlement liability claims. DRRT has registered thousands of institutional investor participants in Dutch settlement foundations (e.g. Royal Dutch Shell, EADS, Fortis, BP, Tesco, SNS, Royal Imtech, and Libor) which can enter into enforceable collective settlements with Europe-wide judgment character under the WCAM statute. During the post-collective action settlement phase, we also assist institutional investors with filing claims for their proportional share in the settlement fund, similar to the U.S. class action claims administration process.

Australian Class Action Settlements

DRRT monitors all Australian shareholder actions and maintains close relationships with the leading Australian law firms and litigation funders involved in bringing class actions on a funded, anonymous and risk-free basis. We carefully evaluate the terms and details of each class action and complete the required settlement participation documentation for our clients. Our clients benefit from DRRT’s legal and claims filing expertise in Australia and face no financial burden or reputational/publicity risks in participating in these settlements. DRRT handles Australian class actions from pre-settlement documentation and filing to final disbursement and collection of client funds on the basis of the best funding rates available to DRRT clients given the collective strength of DRRT clients involved.

Republic of China (Taiwan) Group Action Cases

DRRT currently monitors securities group action cases in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and will notify clients of any loss recovery opportunity or exposure identified in their portfolios. As more group action cases are brought forward in Taiwan, DRRT is able to assist clients in monitoring, filing and tracking these claims as well as processing payments resulting from these cases.

Special Features and Advantages

Financial Research & Data Analysis:

Our highly specialized claims filing experts and data analysts are armed with the latest technologies to conduct wide-ranging financial research, statistical models and investment data analysis, evaluation of securities performance and develop damages methodologies and recognized loss calculation.

Claims Monitoring:

We closely monitor and track the life of each claim filed and provide clients with direct access to our system to review the status of each claim, including claim numbers, recognized loss, pro-rata percentage, distribution amounts, and other relevant information.

Client Reports & Online Portal:

We provide numerous reporting tools which are easily accessible through a secure client-specific web portal on our website. The portal is customized to your needs and provides all relevant information regarding your claims and the status of cases you are involved in.

Convenient & Flexible Fee Models:

We are able to offer convenient and flexible fee models which meet your individual needs and take your specific internal set up into consideration.


We are recognized for our focus on customer service and concierge level services. We value the relationships we establish with our clients, each being assigned a dedicated specialist that will carefully study client-specific transaction data characteristics and coding to ensure maximum recovery and avoid questions from the claims administrator, which usually delay the recovery process and lead to reduced payouts if left uncured.