DRRT is an international law firm and market leader in the client-oriented global loss recovery industry as well as a respected resource for ancillary class action settlement claims and group action support.

DRRT is uniquely positioned to serve institutional investors in all aspects of global investor loss recovery: analyzing, funding, handling, and supervising securities litigation and arbitration, and filing claims in global settlements.

“I am proud to lead a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals in the area of institutional investor protection.

With this team we have been able, over the last 15+ years, to pioneer investor loss recovery litigation around the world, going beyond the traditional U.S. securities class actions. As a result, we represent institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds (SWF), pension funds and mutual fund companies with over $13 trillion in assets under management and have recovered $1 billion in landmark cases in Japan, England, Germany, Netherland and other jurisdictions outside the U.S.

We strive to continue the pioneering spirit in line with Diaz Reus’ aspiration to be creative and explore new areas of the law for the protection of our clients.”

Alexander Reus, Managing Partner

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