Financial Antitrust Litigation

Financial market manipulation has been a prominent issue in recent years. While investors were trusting in the self-regulation of the financial market, banks in recent years have taken advantage of their trust and started manipulating the financial market by falsely setting their rates to profit from trades and/or to give the impression that they were in a better financial position than they actually were.

Not only does this behavior breach the antitrust rules, but investors have also sustained damages for which they are now seeking compensation.

Following the LIBOR/EURIBOR scandal in 2013, DRRT created a Dutch Foundation (“Stichting LIBOR/EURIBOR Victim Compensation Fund”) to represent the interests of investors and market participants at large who have been affected by the LIBOR/EURIBOR manipulations by the various panel banks.

The Foundation is prepared to commence litigation to obtain a declaration of liability by the Dutch court against Rabobank, and by virtue of the banks’ joint and several liability, against other colluding banks as well.