Global Institutional Claims Filing

Class Action Settlement and Other Collective Actions

Every year billions of U.S. dollars (and other currencies) are distributed to investors around the world from class action settlements. However, hundreds of millions are left uncollected by qualifying (institutional) investors as a result of untimely or incomplete/incorrect claims filing and lack of filing or curing of deficiencies.

As the participation in class action claims filing is not as simple as forwarding transaction data to a claims administrator, and the monitoring for all potential cases becomes increasingly complex, institutional investors have turned to professional, reliable, resourceful, and transparent service providers for their global claims filing needs.

DRRT Advantages

Monitoring & Research
  1. Worldwide monitoring system for recovery opportunities
  2. Wide-ranging research capabilities including economic and legal analytics
  3. Skillful and experienced data analysis to determine damages
  4. Ability to work with clients on historical data downloads for all securities or on individual trade submission per case, including ability to interface with custodians or back-office service providers to minimize client interaction and effort in the process
Active Case Representation
  1. Representation in U.S. and Canadian special case situations
  2. Representation in alternative recovery options for non-class action systems worldwide
  3. Convenient structuring of success-fee based, no-risk representation of clients
  4. Flexible and customized fee models, including subscription and success-fee models
Service & Tools
  1. Customizable and comprehensive reporting tools
  2. Multi-faceted client website portal
  3. Personalized, concierge-level client service with on-site informational and educational visits
  4. Periodic institutional investor roundtables in various countries around the world
  5. Annual all-day investor conferences in the United States and Germany
  6. Assistance with the development of an internal global class action policy