U.S./Canadian Class Action Settlements Claims Filing

Every year, billions of unclaimed U.S. dollars (and other currencies) are left behind by qualified investors who lack the expertise or internal process to properly file claims or cure deficiencies in time. Many institutional investors do not have the resources and expertise to handle this labor-intensive and time-consuming work. DRRT can help. DRRT’s Global Claims Filing service guarantees complete coverage of all securities class action settlements, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) disgorgement settlements, global collective settlement claims opportunities (such as Australian and Dutch settlements), as well as large global insolvency matters. After identifying one or more affected securities in your portfolio, we will review your investments fund-by-fund and transaction-by-transaction for each individual case in preparation of the filing. Our team of experienced claims filing experts and data analysts processes all transaction data in full compliance with the specific case and claims administrator requirements and files a timely and complete claim to obtain maximum recovery.