DRRT New CSR initiative – Lessons from the Pandemic and New Policies

Dear clients and partners:

As we continue to navigate through the consequences of and changes caused by this pandemic, it is a good time to re-assess how DRRT can learn from this global crisis and event, in order to move forward in a better way for people, society and the environment.

We are proud to see how our DRRT team handled the challenges of working from home over an extended period of time and how our business continuity plans were executed to perfection. Client communication as well as internal cooperation, including case preparation and filings, and class action settlement claims filing, including collection and distribution of funds to our clients, were not impacted by the remote working conditions. We were even able to underwrite, finance and file new cases in various foreign jurisdictions and prepare others for filing in the current transition environment from the full remote working conditions.

We also recognize the positive impact that working remotely has had on society, including the environment as well as on our team and their families. The reduction of traffic, including potential safety hazards from congested roads, as well as the worldwide images of nature flourishing again as we worked remotely and reduced pollution and our carbon footprint, are clear indicators of the impact we can have, and the forced isolation did have, on our environment. Moreover, so many families experienced a new quality of life with kids at home and the ability to have more regular, scheduled family gatherings at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lastly, as various countries, cities and communities around the world start re-opening, we recognize that there will be a new reality with permanent changes to office interaction, sanitation, and social distancing as part of the paramount effort to keep everybody safe and to avoid a further spread or resurgence of the virus. We embrace the challenges which come with this and have invested significant time, effort and resources into making the office safe for everyone, provide for improved digital and virtual meeting technology with our clients, and providing additional cyber security and data protection measures to working remotely.

Given these positive lessons from the COVID-19 outbreak, and considering that we are currently still battling the pandemic, DRRT is taking steps to ensure that we can apply some of the positive aspects and lessons learned into how we structure our business moving forward. Hence, DRRT will start using remote working as a solution to keep its employees safe, reduce dangers from traffic hazards, reduce our carbon footprint through reduced traffic and travel, and benefit our employees regarding their work/life balance, all while continuing to be responsive, productive, and attentive to the needs of our clients, colleagues, and partners. Hence, from now on, DRRT employees can opt to work remotely on Fridays, and we will consider expanding this in the future to other days. Nevertheless, DRRT offices worldwide will be open five days a week and our availability for clients via video, phone or email will not change.

We look forward to this new approach for our business and to shaping a modern, efficient, and engaging workplace.

Community Service

DRRT’s attorneys and staff enjoy continuously building and improving their community by lending a helping hand to causes close to their hearts. This passion for helping others has extended to a number of organizations in need. Whether preparing and serving meals for the homeless at the Camillus House or wrapping and delivering presents to sick children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, formerly Miami Children’s Hospital, the firm values the importance of community service.

The Lotus House is a nonprofit organization committed to ending child and family homelessness and improving the lives of homeless women, youth, and children. DRRT feels honored to be involved with this organization, which provides sanctuary, support, and education that empowers families to heal, learn and grow. It has been rewarding for DRRT’s attorneys and staff to be present as individuals blossom into who they are truly meant to be, and to help families recapture their independence. These experiences have deepened DRRT’s dedication to making it a priority to give back to the community.

DRRT generously donated thousands of dollars in furniture and filing cabinets for the school and offices at the Lotus House. At two of the nonprofit organization’s events, the firm presented corporate checks that directly benefitted battered and abused women and children. DRRT was also a sponsor at the fundraising event “There’s No Place Like Home” and provided a donation to the Lotus House women’s shelter in Miami, FL.

As the positive impact of DRRT’s volunteer efforts are felt throughout the community, its commitment remains stronger than ever.

April 2020 Updates: